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Give a great gift! Choose your gift voucher Forestland!
Advantages: In electronic version or print, you can select a theme among the various proposed and indicate the amount you want. The recipient will be happy to receive your gift voucher Forestland along with your personal message, on the date of your choice.

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How to buy a gift voucher?

1. Complete the form and click on the Order gift vouchers.
2. Complete your order and receive an email confirmation.
3. After the order is validated by Forestland the gift voucher will be sent to the recipient(s) on the date indicated on the form.
4. You will receive an email confirmation of sending the gift voucher to the recipient.

Received a gift voucher Forestland:

1. Make your purchases in Forestland.
2. Click "Add to Cart" and place your order.
3. In step "Payment", enter the gift voucher code in the area set aside for that purpose and validate. You can add up to 5 gift vouchers to pay for your order.
4. You will receive your order.

Terms and conditions

Validity of gift vouchers
- The gift vouchers Forestland are valid for 1 year from date of shipment and can only be used to purchase products site Forestland.

Value and use of gift vouchers
- The minimum value of the gift vouchers is 10 and maximum value of 1000 can be used in various orders. As specified the remaining value of the gift voucher in the mail order confirmation. If the value of the order exceeds the gift vouchers, you must pay the difference with another payment method.
- The gift vouchers can not be exchanged for their cash value or partial or full refund.

Sending the gift voucher to the recipient
- The gift vouchers and related codes will be sent to the recipient to the email address,subject to validation of payment. The sender will receive an email confirming postage checks. Despite being the recipient to use the gift voucher, the invoice of the product will be sent to the sender who made the payment.